GSE is the leading provider of engineering programs and services associated with Engineering Programs in the nuclear industry.

Engineering Programs

GSE is uniquely positioned to provide the best possible engineering programs services and solutions available today. Our employees are deeply knowledgeable, with the field experience to back it up. They include recognized experts and leaders in the industry, who serve on multiple ASME Code committees, and are heavily involved with industry rule regulatory development. Our guidance on regulatory issues, including ASME OM Code and 10 CFR50 Appendix J, is a trusted voice, reflecting our position on the forefront of technology, innovative approaches and emerging issues.

ASME OM Code Programs

  • Preservice & Inservice Testing
  • Relief Valve Programs (APP I)
  • Check Valves (APP II – CVCM)
  • Motor Operated Valves (APP III / OMN-1)
  • Air Operated Valves (APP IV / OMN-12)
  • Snubber Programs (ISTD)

Regulatory Driven Programs

  • Containment Integrity – 10 CFR50 Appendix J
  • Risk Informed Applications (10CFR50.69)
  • Equipment Qualification
  • Boric Acid Control
  • New Reactor Design / Programmatic Interfaces

Balance of Plant (BOP) Programs

  • Flow Accelerated Corrosion (FAC) Programs
  • Erosion / Mechanical Degradation Programs
  • Underground Piping and Tank Programs
  • Raw Water & Service Water
  • Turbine Generator Retrofit / Modification
  • Performance Monitoring

ASME Section XI Programs

  • Preservice & Inservice Inspection
  • Risk Informed Programs (N-578-1, N-716-1)
  • Containment Inspection Programs (CISI)
  • System Pressure Test
  • Augmented Programs
  • Component Support Programs

Environmental Programs

  • Program Audits
  • Project Management
  • Environmental Assessments
  • Integrated Monitoring Program
  • Waste Management Program
  • Regulatory Interface

Specialty Program Areas

  • Cyber Security
  • Fire Protection (NFPA 805)
  • Gas Void Accumulation (GL08-01)
  • License Renewal (Programmatic)
  • Alloy 600 Programs
  • Reactor Vessel Inspection (BWVIP, MRP)
  • New Reactor Design / Programmatic Interfaces